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Clisa - Clínica de St.º António

Av. Hospitais Civis de Lisboa, 8

2720-275 , Amadora , Lisboa

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    Médico: Dr. Martin Lorenzetti Microcirurgia Da Hernia Discal Lombar

    O melhor:
    Best Doctor ever!!!I
    I was operated by Dr. Martin to an L4 disc hérnia causing me excruciating pain in the back and leg. As I woke up from the anesthesia the pain had simply vanished. On the next day I returned home happily on my legs as nothing had ever happened. Thank you Dr. Martin!

    Poderia melhorar:
    Please do not change!
    For all he did for me before, during and after the surgery I suggest him to anyone looking for the most expert and caring specialist.
    Special thanks also to his team including Anesthesiologist and all the nurses and the personnel for their loving support.
    Jane Law

    Dr. Martin Lorenzetti

    Dear Jane, thank you so much for leaving your opinion. There’s nothing better for a surgeon than a fully satisfied patient.
    Thank you so much for expressing yourself.

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